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Stage I: Industrial Crystal Growth

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Nonlinear Crystal products:

LBO nonlinear crystals
Lithium Triborate
Chemical formula: LiB3O5
BBO nonlinear crystals
beta-Barium Borate
Chemical formula: BaB2O4
BBO e-o switches
KTP nonlinear crystals
Potassium Tytanil Phosphate
Chemical formula: KTiOPO4
KGW, KYW laser host material
Raman Shifters (KGW, KYW)
Optical Coatings
anti-reflection and protective

Laser products:

Optical Parametric Oscillator

Contact information:

Zelenaja gorka str. 1,
630060, Novosibirsk,
Russian Federation
Phone/Fax: +7 (383) 334 80 81





LCS, Inc. - one of the first independent and privately owned companies in crystal growth industry in Russia.
We are completely equipped with all necessary inventory, tools, machines and accessories for crystal growth and optical fabrication.
  • 10000 sq. ft. premisis
  • Crystal Growth Work-Shop
  • Unbreakable Power Supply
  • X-ray goniometer
  • Annular Saw Slicer
  • Strip Saw machines
  • Grinding and Polishing machines
  • Crystals Quality Qualification Laser System
  • Final Orientation Checking Laser System
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment
  • Interferometers, microscopes, shadowgraphs, and other different equipment for precision manufacturing and quality control.
Predictible, stable, efficient crystal growth in industrial manufacturing - this is the main result, and the main goal of our permanent research activity.
Nowadays we are carrying out researches on finding new nonlinear crystals for laser frequency conversion from VIS into UV.
On-time delivery, use of the cutting-edge logistic technologies, participation in the World famous trade-shows and conferences - are the basic principles of our international activity.
Long-term contract relations with the World leading laser manufacturing companies support our position of a relible vendor of nonlinear optics.
Due to the fact of recognized superior quality of supplied LBO crystals, customers from different places of the World designate the desired material as "Russian LBO", and all other venodrs are compared with it.
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