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One of the first independent and privately owned companies in crystal growth industry in Russia. We are completely equipped with all necessary inventory, tools, machines and accessories for crystal growth and optical fabrication. Predictible, stable, efficient crystal growth in industrial manufacturing - this is the main result, and the main goal of our permanent research activity. Nowadays we are carrying out researches on finding new nonlinear crystals for laser frequency conversion from VIS into UV.

On-time delivery, use of the cutting-edge logistic technologies, participation in the World famous trade-shows and conferences - are the basic principles of our international activity. Long-term contract relations with the World leading laser manufacturing companies support our position of a relible vendor of nonlinear optics. Due to the fact of recognized superior quality of supplied LBO crystals, customers from different places of the World designate the desired material as "Russian LBO", and all other venodrs are compared with it.

More facts about LBO crystal

Lithium Triborate LiB3O5 (LBO)

Wavelenght range

Phase-matching range for type I SHG 554-2600 nm
Phase-matching range for type II SHG 790-2150 nm
SHG coefficient
For Type I SHG at 1064 nm deff 0.96 pm/V
Damage threshold
Laser pulse duration 1064 nm 532 nm
0.025 ns > 3.3 GW/cm2 > 0.9 GW/cm2
0.035 ns > 3 GW/cm2 > 3.1 GW/cm2
0.1 ns 25 GW/cm2 > 2.3 GW/cm2
CW > 0.0006 GW/cm2 > 0.0002 GW/cm2
Acceptance angles and walk-off
Angular acceptance 6.5 mradxcm
Temperature bandwidth 3.9 °Cxcm
Walk-off angle 0.37 deg.
Refractive indices
λ nx ny nz
1064 nm 1.565 1.590 1.605
532 nm 1.578 1.607 1.621
355 nm 1.597 1.627 1.643
266 nm 1.626 1.650 1.676

More details about Lithium Triborate LiB3O5 (LBO) here.

Standart specification

Guaranteed Features
Default parameter's values

Allowance for Dimensions 0.1 mm
Accuracy of Orientation > 30 min. of arc
Optical Surface Quality 10/5 scratch/dig
Flatness, at λ=0.633 mm λ/6
Parallelism > 30 sec.of arc
Perpendicularity > 30 min. of arc

Custom Requirements
Parameters' values, which could be provided on your request

Allowance for Dimensions 0.01 mm
Accuracy of Orientation > 10 min. of arc
Optical Surface Quality 0/0 scratch/dig
Flatness, at λ=0.633 mm λ/10
Parallelism > 10 sec.of arc
Perpendicularity > 12 min. of arc


Due to the very high nonlinear optical properties, the LBO crystal is very suitable for harmonic generation of high-intencity laser radiation in vacuum ultraviolet and visible spectrum. LBO allows to achieve the highly efficient SHG of nanosecond, picosecond, cw and diode laser pumped Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers for R&D, medical, industrial and military applications. The superiority of LBO is proved for the SHG of Ti:Sapphire, Alexandrite and Cr:LiSAF laser radiation as well as for optical parametric amplifiers and oscillators pumped by Excimer lasers and harmonics of Nd:YAG lasers. To have a good transmission in the UV allows to obtain tunable UV and VUV radiation by SFG in LBO. More facts about LBO crystal applications .

Samples of crystal orientation for some typical applications

SHG: 1064 nm + 1064 nm → 532 nm
θ=90°, φ=0° (temperature controlled at 148°C Type I NCPM)
θ=90°, φ=11° (type I CPM at room temperature)
θ=21°, φ=90° (type II CPM at room temperature)
THG: 1064 nm + 532 nm → 355 nm
θ=90°, φ=37° (type I CPM at room temperature)
θ=42°, φ=90° (type II CPM at room temperature)