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Stage I: Industrial Crystal Growth: Optical Parametric Oscillator

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Nonlinear Crystal products:

LBO nonlinear crystals
Lithium Triborate
Chemical formula: LiB3O5
BBO nonlinear crystals
beta-Barium Borate
Chemical formula: BaB2O4
BBO e-o switches
KTP nonlinear crystals
Potassium Tytanil Phosphate
Chemical formula: KTiOPO4
KGW, KYW laser host material
Raman Shifters (KGW, KYW)
Optical Coatings
anti-reflection and protective

Laser products:

Optical Parametric Oscillator

Contact information:

Zelenaja gorka str. 1,
630060, Novosibirsk,
Russian Federation
Phone/Fax: +7 (383) 334 80 81


Optical Parametric Oscillator

Nowadays we have several types of optical parametric oscillators available for your needs. They monotonously cover spectral range from 2 μm to 11 μm and provide over 100 μJ energy with 5-10 ns pulses with pulse repetition rate up to 2 kHz. We work with different structures made of MgO:PPLN, different Chalcogenide crystals. Design of our OPO's includes temperature stabilization, PC controlled tuning with stepper motor actuators, different sealed-off gas-filled photo-acoustic cells for spectral reference. Contact us for your specific requirements. We can adopt our OPO's to fit your needs.

Please, contact us for any specific requirements.

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