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Stage I: Industrial Crystal Growth: Laser Optical Coatings

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Nonlinear Crystal products:

LBO nonlinear crystals
Lithium Triborate
Chemical formula: LiB3O5
BBO nonlinear crystals
beta-Barium Borate
Chemical formula: BaB2O4
BBO e-o switches
KTP nonlinear crystals
Potassium Tytanil Phosphate
Chemical formula: KTiOPO4
KGW, KYW laser host material
Raman Shifters (KGW, KYW)
Optical Coatings
anti-reflection and protective

Laser products:

Optical Parametric Oscillator

Contact information:

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630060, Novosibirsk,
Russian Federation
Phone/Fax: +7 (383) 334 80 81


Optical Coatings

Ion Beam Spattering Deposition technique used by our specialists allows to achieve world quality coatings with minimal optical losses, good clearness, high laser damage threshold and long-time stability. Crystals of different sizes and shapes can be coated.
Equipment managed by Laser Crystal Ltd. allows to produce the following coatings:
- Antireflection Coating (AR)
- Broad-Band Antireflection Coating (BBAR)
- Dual-Band Antireflection Coating (DBAR)
- Tri-Band Antireflection Coating (TBAR)
These types of optical coatings are available in 240 nm - 1500 nm wavelengths range.
- See the samples of coatings for some typical applications. -

Please, contact us for any specific requirements.

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